Anamorphic Shooting with 的 索尼RX10 II 和 SLR Magic 1.33x大乐透开奖结果查询结果适配器

大乐透开奖结果查询结果射击一直是人们的普遍愿望 对于许多独立电影制片人来说。幸运的是,随着流行 无反光镜的 相机和最近发布 如今,这种类型的工作流程变得越来越便宜。如果最近 您接触到了最新的Sony RX10 II,可能您不太了解您还可以捕获 通过使用一些很棒的大乐透开奖结果查询结果图像 the SLR Magic 1.33x大乐透开奖结果查询结果适配器。根据 埃姆 Cheesycam, unlike 的 松下GH4, 的 SLR Magic 1.33x大乐透开奖结果查询结果适配器 seems to be 的 perfect fit for 的 索尼RX10 II.

通常,在可互换相机系统上使用此适配器可能会很困难 as you need to find 的 most proper lens before you attach it to 的 camera itself. Pulling focus is another issue that also might make 的 process too cumbersome 和 overwhelming. Fortunately, all 的se problems are absent when you mount 的 adapter on 的 fixed Carl Zeiss 24-200mm f/2.8 lens of 的 索尼RX10 II.

Given 的 fact that you can shoot in 超高清 resolution, along with 的 capability to utilise 的 S-Log2 while recording and 在顶部选择一些相当快的帧速率 this combo into a quite unique position. In 的 following video 埃姆 shares his insights on working with 的 setup.

There are two major considerations that you should keep in mind, though. In 的 first place, you should work with focal lengths above 50mm to get rid of 的 vignetting in 的 corners produced by 的 anamorphic adaptor. Once you do that you can actually pull focus manually directly using 的 focus ring on 的 lens of 的 了索尼 RX10 mark II. The results you can get with this setup are quite amazing as we can see 从 的 video below.

Given 的 fact that camera is capable of shooting in 超高清 S-Log模式下的4K分辨率,以及 built-in (3 stop) ND filter it provides makes 的 anamorphic shooting 和 pulling focus a breeze.

您需要在邮寄中执行的唯一额外步骤是 应用去挤压 before you start 编辑 的 footage just like you’d normally do with any other clip 从 的 camera. Here is some example footage 和 what else you can expect 从 的 combo itself.

看起来这是一种非常经济实惠的方式,可以用这个小巧的4K无反光镜拍摄一些很棒的大乐透开奖结果查询结果镜头 beast. I’m quite excited to see what it would be like to shoot with 的 latest 2x anamorphic adapter by SLR Magic as well. All in all, anamorphic shooting with 的 RX10 II 和 SLR Magic Anamorphic Adapter seems to be another viable option 和 for now, this is one of 的 most affordable ways to achieve this specific stylised look.

大约$ 2,000美元,您就可以动手了 负担得起的大乐透开奖结果查询结果 camera system that is something that we couldn’t even dream about even 5 years ago. Kudos to 埃姆 for testing 和 showcasing this set up to 的 community.

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[资源: Cheesycam]

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